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What Does A Dietary Supplement Do? – Health Benefits, What You Need To Know

The Truth Behind Dietary Supplements

A majority of individuals all over the world take one or more dietary supplements daily. Supplements that are commonly used today include herbal, amino acids, minerals, botanicals, and many others. The supplements are made in a variety of forms which are tablets, capsules, and powders.

Some also come in the form of drinks and energy drinks. If you are planning to have a healthy life and you cannot afford to eat a variety of nutritious foods, then supplements might be of help to you. Using supplements has a lot of benefits.

The Benefits of Using Supplements

Extra Nutrients

One of the benefits of using supplements is that they provide the extra nutrients that are needed in the body especially if your diet is lacking or a certain complication that contributes to the deficiency of certain nutrients. There are some supplements like the multivitamin supplement which contains all the nutrients needed in the body.

Multivitamins are also safe to use as they have only small amounts of each nutrient. It is important to take a supplement to boost your nutrients. Nutrients deficiencies might contribute to some chronic diseases.


Dietary Supplements Benefits


Elimination of Toxins

Supplements are also important in eliminating toxins from the body. The human body is designed in such a way that it uses nutrients to fight toxins.

Everyone is exposed to toxins which are mostly caused by stress, inadequate sleep, industrial solvents, and food toxins.

Most of the foods we take are processed using chemicals which make it difficult to get all the nutrients in one diet. With the availability of supplements, individuals can make up for the nutrients that are not available in the diet to support their detox.

Promote Growth

Another benefit of using a supplement is that they promote growth and tissue maintenance. For example, the protein supplements, which come in the form of shakes, powders, and bars, can increase your protein intake especially in days when you don’t eat sufficient whole food.

Protein supplements promote healthy growth and fitness. Proteins supplements that are rich in amino acids speed up muscle recovery after an intense workout.

Prevents Osteoporosis.

For vitamin supplements, they support a lot of functions in your body. For example, people who are at risk of developing osteoporosis are advised to take vitamin D regularly. Vitamin supplements are also used to reduce the death rate among children.

Protects Babies from Neural Tube Defects.

Supplements can also be used to protect babies from being born with neural tubes defect. Neural tube defects are various medical conditions that affect the brain and the spinal cord. These defects mostly arise in the first month of pregnancy. The common neural tube effects are Bifida and anencephaly.

Women of childbearing age are always advised to take a folic acid pill every day to prevent the child from developing such conditions. Some studies have also shown that folic acid can be used in order to avoid cancer and heart rate diseases.

Helps To Improve Sleep Patterns.

Dietary nutrients can also improve sleep patterns of an individual. Several studies have shown that a popular herb is known Chamomile can be used to improve sleeping patterns, soothe a sore throat and settle a stomach ache. The supplement acts as an antibacterial antiviral and anti-inflammatory. It is worth noting that if you are pregnant or allergic to daises, then you should not take the supplement.

Improve Sleep Patterns

The Disadvantages Associated with Supplements


On the other hand, supplements do have some risks and disadvantages. One of the main disadvantages of using supplements is that they are not being regulated as a pharmaceutical drug. This means that manufacturers do not have to prove whether the supplements are safe or not.

Some of these supplements are even tested for their effectiveness before they are placed on the shelves. This is why some manufacturers mislead people by claiming their products can boost the immune system even if there is little scientific evidence that supports their claims.

They are addictive

Another disadvantage of using supplements is that they can be addictive. These supplements are drugs, and the more you take them, the more you become addicted. Even thou most of these supplements are safe to use as long as you follow the instruction, execs use of some nutrients might be detrimental.

For example, excess vitamin K in your body can lead to a reduction in the strength of blood thinners. Consequently, excess Vitamin E can lead to an increase in the power of blood thinners, which leads to a lot of nose bleeds. Additionally, excess vitamin c can cause nausea and severe diarrhea.

In conclusion, it is clear that dietary supplements have both its advantages and disadvantages. Individuals should not be afraid to use dietary supplements. The most important benefit of dietary supplements is that they boost nutrients in the body especially where there is a deficiency.

Before using dietary supplements, it is important to consult a medical practitioner. The medical practitioner will advise you on some of the best supplement to use. When taking the supplements, one must also follow the instruction provided. You should also avoid taking excess dosage as they might cause adverse effects to your health.